Premier of Régis Campo’s Quai Ouest in Strasbourg

Laurent Vilarem 05/11/2014
Surprise at the Opera du Rhin; a contemporary opera that sings! Such is the long-awaited premier of Quai Ouest by Régis Campo, the richness of his music, the effectiveness of his libretto and the quality of its cast.

In this opera is based on Quai Ouest (the play created by Patrice Chéreau in Nanterre in 1986), Régis Campo takes the opposite of a literary and literal adaptation, favouring an almost cinematic recreation in the atmosphere of the work. Performed at the Opéra du Rhin, with the Mulhouse Symphony Orchestra conducted by Marcus Bosch, the production evokes the films of that era, with superb revolving scenery by Bruno Lavenère, as well as Nicolas Descoteaux dark, early morning light, suggesting that dock at the end of the world. 

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